Happiness copyAyush Srivastava is a name, one among millions, who had dreams and desires, that once came to a near end. At such times, a good decision is the only thing that creates a huge difference. From a bottom-line average student in High School, he started his journey of life. This journey had a number of ups and downs including Achievement of Scholarship for IIT-JEE preparations in Kota, decrement in health that lead to near death, failure in Intermediate degree, from a dream of IIT to admission in a private institution. He never thought to be a researcher at an age of 21 years. As of now (at age 23), a Civil Engineering Graduate, Member of American Society Of Civil Engineers (ASCE), pursuing Advanced Construction Management at National Institute of Construction Management And Research (NICMAR) Pune and has published 18 research papers in emerging Engineering fields in various reputed International Journals.


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  2. U r really a role model fo evry studn.. aftr facin dis mch strugl agn u startd to giv ur bst in ur field.. being a researchr in dis age z d point wch shws ur innovatv ideas, capablty as well as ur positiv attitud twds evrythn.. Hats off!! Ol d bst fo ur future..!

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